Red Packet Printing in Singapore

Usher the festive season with creative, personalized red packets. Now you can choose from a variety of red packets, from different sizes to the type of paper used. The materials we use are art papers, metallic paper and fancy paper.

Red packets are given on many occasions such as holidays, weddings, birth or graduation. A customized red packet goes a long way in expressing your thoughts and affections. You can include pictures or quotes, etc. to suit the different occasions. Add some personalization, be it for personal or corporate use.

Spread love and blessings this Chinese New Year (CNY) through our creative designs.

Paper Bag Printing

The way, something is packaged, speaks volumes of the effort put into the gift. We believe all packaging have the potential to make an impression. Our beautifully crafted paper bags make for a nice carrier for your oranges during Chinese New Year.

In a variety of designs and sizes, there is something for everyone. Write your best wishes for the recipient and make for heartfelt giveaways. There is no better time then the next festive season (CNY), to wish all things auspicious for your family, friends and even business associates. Get your custom-made paper bags now!

Custom Packaging CNY 01
Custom Packaging CNY 01